Peer Review #1

Review of ‘Little Horrors Reviews

Front page of Little Horros Reviews
Little Horrors Review’s homepage ⇧

This week, I have been reviewing a blog called “Little Horror Reviews”. The blog’s purpose is to review all forms of entertainment within the genre of horror, especially content related to the modern social media world. The author of the blog refers to themselves as ‘little horrors’ and, therefore, appears anonymous. Since this is a blog that makes reviews and is related to horror, I think the author’s choice of anonymity is fitting and aligns with the theme, which creates some kind of mystery.

Looking at a blog’s cyber infrastructure, it is the technical foundation that allows it to exist online. It is particularly important in this case because it ensures the author’s anonymity while allowing communication with the audience. This infrastructure also keeps user data secure, fitting the blog’s theme of mystery and privacy.

In my opinion, the blog’s appearance and theme fits very good with the content. The colors that are chosen are primarily purple and black, with some text in white and orange too. The pictures on the homepage of the blog are related to horror and gives me a vibe of Halloween. On the homepage, I really like the ‘trending today’ with links, giving a comprehensive view of the blog’s content, which makes it more clear and organized for the user when entering.

Trending today on Little Horros Review
⇧ The ‘trending today’

Clicking into the different categories of the blog there is a common thread, as they all feature the same dynamic image, which I like. The different categories in the menu has a drop down feature, which I like as well. However, when clicking on both blog post and process post, there it not any content in there, which may be a thing that is under construction? Nevertheless, I think it would be nice to have something in those categories. Furthermore, I considered the option of placing the categories ‘peer review‘ and ‘mini assignment‘ below the ‘process post’ category, which could be renamed to ‘pub 101’ or something similar. Having fewer categories, could make the website more appealing, by having categories, now that the dropdown feature is used anyway.

The blog is a domain that is created thus a public opinion can be formed. According to Warner (2002), ‘public’ is self-organized, characterized by a mode of speech and a relation between strangers. Looking at Little Horror Reviews, it is possible to be invited into the horror universe as a reader and to leave a comment in the end of a post, which I think is a very nice engagement feature. Based on the website, I would say that the blog adheres to Warner’s definition of ‘public.’ In continuation of public, I think it is relevant to mention that the blog is a counter public to for example genres.

Overall, I find the blog very interesting. Both the themes and look aligns with the content, and I think that it is true to one self. It is a blog I will definitely return to and read more – especially as Halloween is getting closer, this place is the perfect for getting into the horror mood!  






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