Peer Review #2

This week, I am going to review the blog, which is created by the art creator, Hanako Oba. The purpose of the blog is to get an insight into the world of Hanako, which includes art, inspiration, and creativity. The blog is a visual journey, where the reader can explore latest creations and get artistic insights.

The frontpage of the website is very aesthetic and personal, which provides a good idea of what it is about. I like that the background changes, and is divided into three different parts. The choice of colors/themes, and the proximity makes a good division of different elements. To look at this, I have used knowledge, based on the lecture with our guest lecture Mauvé Page. However, I am a bit insecure about what the website’s actual name is, because the URL is called ‘’, but on the top it says ‘Fizz +’ and ‘Fiz’, creating some confusion for me as a reader.

I really like the content of the blog, and the thumbnails of the vlogs are really intriguing and appealing. However, when clicking on some of the videos, they do not start from the beginning, but in the middle, for example the video about vancouver student diaries, which may have something to do with the URL. The videos are very good and nice! It is clear to see that Hanako puts in effort and dedicates a lot of work into the videos, which greatly improves the user experience. I also like that it is easy to access the YouTube videos from the blog. I was wondering, as the link to the vlog in the ‘about me’ section, and the link in the bottom to the channel, links to two different YouTube accounts. One that is active, and one where the latest post is two years old. I do not know if this is on purpose, but it would make sense that both of them linked to the active one. Furthermore, the social media icons in the bottom does not link to the author’s different accounts, which could be an improvement for the site.

When clicking on the different categories, I like that the menu is accessible no matter where you are on the site, which makes it user-friendly and enhances usability. I looked at the different posts in the category ‘art’, and I like that the layout of the posts are similar, which creates a nice reading experience. There are great choice of colors that creates good contrasts. A nice touch would be to change the WordPress logo on the top to something personal. Overall, I really like Hanako’s site, and I am interested in reading more.






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