Peer Review #3

Homepage of Valentines Angels
The homepage of Valentine’s Angels

This week, I am going to review Valentine’s website, Valentine’s Angels. Before moving on to the website’s marketability to the intended audience group, I would first like to focus on the website’s appearance and my first impressions. First and foremost, I like the little motto, “Unboxing my daily happiness”, which is really sweet and catchy. It makes me aware of what the website’s is about, and what its purpose is, and when reading the ‘About Me’ section, I am confirmed about this. Valentine’s focus and perspective on positivity and happiness are very inspiring. The fact that she wants her blog to be a place where she expresses appreciation and gratitude towards the little things, is very admirable.

The about me section on Valentines Angels
The ‘about me’ section.

About the functionality of the website, there is something about the scrolling bar that is very slow. I am not sure whether this is chosen on purpose. As a user, it makes the website appear slow, and it makes me impatience, which unfortunately affects the user experience negatively. However, the website is easy to navigate, the layout is good and linking to socials is great. An improvement could be the choices of colors, as there are many different colors that can tend to disturb the eye. Instead of having both pink, yellow, green and blue, I think it would look nice and be more harmonious to have some different colors in same nuance, for example like pink, red and purple colors. The consistency of colors can create unity.

The homepage of Valentines Angels
This picture shows the different colors of the website.

Looking at the marketability, I think that Valentine is doing great considering her TikTok and the number of views on her videos. It looks like she is doing something right. Considering at the statistics from State of Mobile 2022, TikTok is rated as number one worldwide by Market in relation to social media. Therefore, I think it is really great that Valentine is creating content here, and that she is linking to it on her website. Based on the website, I assume the intended user group is girls, maybe in the latter part of their teen years and the beginning of their twenties. This is based on the content and choice of colors. To improve marketability, I think it would be good for Valentine’s Angels to narrow her focus in terms of content areas. Currently, it includes the categories beauty, blind boxes, foodie moments, lifestyle and travel. It is a really broad spectrum, and I think it would improve her website, and its potential to make money by focus on something more specifically.

valentines angels TikTok
Valentine’s Angels’ TikTok

Another way of making money would be by doing collaborations or commercials. For example, at the end of Valentine’s blogpost from October 23, called Decoration Day, there is a link to, from which she gets inspired. Making some advertising of this on her blog or making the Sonny Angels link back to Valentine’s Angels would increase web traffic and visitors.

Bottom of the post called decoration day
The bottom of the post ‘Decoration Day’, where Valentine has linked to Sonny Angel, which her own website is inspired by.

Overall, I really enjoy the website Valentine’s Angels.






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