Process Post – Week 10

This week’s lecture was about analytics, SEO and audience growth. SEO is short for ‘searching engine optimizing‘, and is important for improving online visibility and increasing web traffic. Based on the Sam Hollingsworth’s “12 Reasons Why You Business Absolutely Needs SEO.” from 2018, I learned the following: Organic search, especially on Google, is crucial for driving website traffic and engagement, highlighting its primary role in online visibility. SEO not only builds trust and credibility through factors like natural links and optimized content but also provides quantifiable results, making it a cost-effective, long-term strategy for sustained success.

In the lecture / tutorial, we had to try using Google Analytics. This is a new tool for me, and it was a bit overwhelming with a lot of new words, features and functions. I am definitely not a Google Analytics master-user yet, and it will properly take me a bit more time, before I am getting there. But I am sure, it is a good platform to get familiar with, so I should try and put some effort in it.

Otherwise, I am actually familiar with SEO. Before going on exchange, I worked for a Danish magazine for 1,5 year. My primarily work function was to take the articles from the magazine, and post them online using WordPress. The articles had been rewritten so they where good for reading in a magazine, and I therefore had to set up online with a SEO-oriented mind. I used a website called Ahrefs, from which I found out what users usually search for on Google, which words have the largest search volume, and which questions that are most frequently asked. I also used a site called impersonal me, which made it possible for me to search as a anonym user without my own search historic, cookies etc., taken into consideration. I liked to do SEO work, and to follow the ‘recipe’ that is necessary, to make the work as Google and user friendly as possible. 






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