Process Post – Week 11

This week’s readings explore online reading habits, analyze the effectiveness of being everywhere online and discuss the relationship between a website as a “home base” and interactive media on social platforms.

In relation to my blog, documenting life as an exchange student in Vancouver, these insights make sense as I also use the online platform Instagram, to share my experiences. Similar to the strategy of “being everywhere online,” I think about how this approach improves communication about my journey. When using different platforms, the purpose is to reach as many and a broad an audience as possible. Moreover, the concept of a personal “home base” aligns with my blog, and the central role it plays in capturing and sharing my exchange experience. 

The reading for Tuesday’s lecture is from 2014 by Bryce J Renninger, and is called: “‘Where I can be myself … where I can speak my mind’ : Networked counterpublics in a polymedia environment.”. Renninger’s reading delves into the concept of networked counterpublics in a polymedia environment, emphasizing the importance of digital spaces for authentic self-expression. I think this aligns with my blog, where I share my experiences as an exchange student across various online platforms, forming a dynamic narrative space. Similar to Renninger’s idea, my blog is like a personal “home base,” encouraging real communication and reflecting the concept of forming alternative spaces for conversation online. 

As a contribution to my blog and online presence, I think it would be improved by having an independent Instagram and a TikTok account called Life On Exchange. Right now I am using my private account which has a private setting. An open and public Instagram, only used for sharing pictures and thoughts about my exchange experience, would be good for reaching out to a broader audience and maybe initiate people to contact me more easily. As TikTok is the most popular media currently, it could be a way to promote one’s self.






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