Process Post – Week 12

So, we have reached the last week’s process post in the course: Publication of Self in Everyday Life. 12 weeks have passed, and woaw they have gone by quickly. I will use this week’s process post to reflect on what I have learned over the last few weeks.

First, I would like to mention the centre of attention; WordPress. When being introduced the course, and I heard we where going to use WordPress, I thought “well that’s is actually great, because I have just spend the last 1,5 month working in WordPress and being good at it”, and well, I was wrong. I have been working with WordPress, but not the same way as doing in this course. What an amazing challenge, this have been. WordPress can be a rabbit hole, when going into it. I could spend hours looking at layouts, plugins, formatting, themes etc., and the best thing is; there is always room for improvement. That is both the best and worst thing – you never feel fully finished with your work. WordPress can also be frustrating, as there are so many possibilities and features, and it can be a bit annoying when it does know want to do the same as you. However, I am so glad that I have gotten the opportunity to work with WP, and to have become acquainted with such a great tool that I know will be beneficial in real life too.

Furthermore, I have loved to be giving the possibility to write about a topic of interest and own choice. I has been great for my exchange stay to get to write about everything I have been doing, and to be reminded of all the amazing experiences I have had. The lectures made me think about my online presence, how do I want to present and stage myself. I have learned about personal cyberinfrastructure, which have been relevant for the work on my blog.

I have looked at my blog in relation to public and counterpublics. The public sphere refers to spaces where individuals come together to discuss, debate, and share ideas about matters of common concern. My blog can act as a platform where people can contribute to a broader conversation about the exchange student experience, cultural diversity, and the challenges and rewards of living in a different country. A counterpublic is a social space where marginalized or alternative voices engage in discussion outside the mainstream. If my blog focuses on unique aspects of the exchange student experience, challenges faced by exchange students, or perspectives not often heard in mainstream narratives, it could be seen as creating a counterpublic that offers a different viewpoint.

I have also been more familiar with the business of publishing, and how the different levels ranges within a publishing house.

Related more to the blog again, we have in lecture learned about designing a blog. This includes both rhythm, proportion, contrast, unity and proximity.

Another important aspect of blogging and publishing is the focus on fake news, digital literacy and biasses. This have been very interesting and I got a lot of new knowledge in relation to this lecture. It is crucial to ask “why” and define the identity of “they” in modeling digital literacy as it helps uncover the underlying motivations, perspectives, and potential biases embedded in digital tools and platforms. Understanding the purpose and identifying the stakeholders behind digital literacy models ensures a more nuanced and inclusive approach, promoting critical thinking and empowering individuals to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

Overall, the course have been very rewarding in every aspect and I have really liked it. I really think that I have come a long way, looking at where I began. I believe that I have become much more skilled in WP, and that I will continue to work on this moving forward. I have learned a lot from lectures and tutorials on how to improve my blog, both in relation to the appearance, but also content-wise. I think I have done a loot of process in this course, but I really also have a lot to learn and there is plenty of room for improvement.






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