Process Post – Week 2

This week has been all about installation of my blog and the setting it up. I have been diving into creating a WordPress website, but it has not been easy. I have struggled with a few bumps along the way, as I am having difficulties getting the categories to work and organizing posts into the ‘PUB’ and ‘weekly updates’ sections. Additionally, I have not figured out the tag-thing either.

Anyway, I am persevering with my process posts and weekly updates and, and they will continue to be posted on my blog. Luckily, I am experiencing so many exiting things here in BC, making it easy to get content for my blog!

I want the blog to be personal with photos from my iPhone. I intend to use the blog to keep track of everything I do, while hopefully inspiring other exchange students in Vancouver or students considering going on exchange.

As for the blog’s theme, I have not settled on a specific yet. I really want to work on my layout so it gets more appealing to look at. However, as I am still in the process of learning WordPress, I have not quite achieved that goal yet






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