Process Post – Week 5

In this week’s lecture, we have been introduced to the editor-author relation, and to what a publishing house is and the different levels within it:

  • Acquisitions editing
  • Structural or substantive editing
  • Stylistic editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Indigenous editing protocols

I find it interesting to learn more about the different roles. Acquisitions editing are someone who reads manuscript and see whether there is a potential or not. Structural or substantive editing looks at the beginning and endings, the chronology and chapters and stuff like that. Stylistic editing looks at the voice, tone, sense and flow, and makes sure that the material is consistent and accessible to the intended audience. Copy editing corrects the ‘mechanics’ of the text and cleans up the gramma. Proofreading are checking for typographical errors. Indigenous editing protocols are being aware of what works in Canadian, American and other western countries, because it is no necessarily the same for the indigenous.

We have also learned about the genre-form relation. The fact that these two both overlaps one another, but at the same time they clash. Based on this, they can also create new content containers.






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