Process Post – Week 9

We are now 9 weeks into the course, fully immersed in creating a website, essays, assignments, etc. It can be a bit challenging at times, keeping everything in check and managing all the deadlines. I find it exciting to be able to create my own website, and I am sure that what I have learned, is something I will carry forward. Although I believe there is room for improvement and more details, I am pleased that I have successfully set up an accessible website.

For me, the blog is a kind of diary where I am reminded of all the good things I have experienced when I write about them. It is lovely to have something to look back on. At the same time, it is something I can share with people if they want to hear about my exchange experience, or if there are other students who consider to go on exchange, they might be inspired. I hope that some people will find joy in it, besides myself. At the moment, I see myself, potential future exchange students, and my family and acquaintances as the audience. However, it is uncertain who will actually come across it.






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