Arriving in Vancouver

Turning back the clock to Friday the 25th of August: The suitcases were packed, I had said goodbye to my family and I went to Copenhagen Airport, to catch my flight to Vancouver and to enter a new adventure! I had been admitted to the fall semester at Simon Fraser University, where I would be studying for the next 3,5 months. I had never been that far away for such long time, so you can imagine how nervous and exited I must have felt..

Off I went, and when flying across the world, the difference of time was equal to jetlag. Luckily, I arrived in Vancouver with 30-degree weather and a blue sky. I stayed at a hostel with another exchange student from the University of Copenhagen. However, she was not someone I new before coming to Vancouver, so I spent the first time getting to know her and adjusting to my new home. When arriving in a new city far from home, there are a lot of things going on. There are so many new impressions and feelings, which can feel very overwhelming. For me, it takes a while to process all of these experiences.

Anyhow, Vancouver is an amazing city with much to see and experience, so there was plenty for us to do! To give you a better idea of what we did throughout the first week, I have complied a list with words and pictures. Enjoy!

My week in headwords and pictures:

Chipotle borrito

FRIDAY: Strolling around in the city, tasting my very first Chipotle.

Public pool in Kerrisdale

SATURDAY: Spending time at a public pool and exploring the neighbourhood of Kerrisdale.

Kitsilano beach

SUNDAY: Walking to Kitsilano beach for a swim and enjoy the sun.

Italien dinner at DiBeppe

MONDAY: Another day of exploration. Went shopping for a pair of hiking boots! Ended the day with dinner at an Italian restaurant. Yum!

Lynn Canyon bridge

TUESDAY: Started the day with a 6-km run around the city, trying to get to know it better. Took the bus to Lynn Suspension Bridge in heavy rain. Luckily, it was still very beautiful!

Stanley Park beaver lake

WEDENSDAY: Went to Stanley Park, walking around and exploring it. It was a beautiful place! In the evening, I met some other exchange students from Copenhagen for dinner and a beer (or two).

THURSDAY: Went vintage shopping! There are a lot of great boutiques for vintage shopping, which we, of course, took advantage of!

FRIDAY: Rented at car with some other exchange students, and went to Grouse Mountain. Here, is a beautiful viewpoint were you can see the entire city! And there is a possibility to see a bear. We drove up and down the sea-to-sky highway, wow it was beautiful. Ended the day at the beach, watching the sun go down and ate dinner there as well. Magical.

Sea to sky highway

SATURDAY: Move-in day on campus! More about this in next week’s blog post…






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