Banff Baby

Week 3 is happening, and it is all about school and new courses! During the first two weeks at Simon Fraser University, the students are able to ‘shop around’ between courses, to figure out which ones suit you. This was fortunate for me since, as I had two subjects that were not relevant to education, and luckily I was allowed to switch them. As a consequence of this, one is, of course, responsible for catching up on any missed lectures.

Sunset at SFU

Simon Fraser University is located on top of a mountain, which means there are fantastic sunsets. We enjoyed one of those during this week, and wow!

But the real countdown was for the weekend, as the other exchange students from Denmark and I was going to Banff! Banff is a town in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Is is located more than 800 km from Vancouver, which is equal to a long drive! All Friday was spent driving across from BC to Alberta. We had rented a cozy apartment near Dead Man’s Flats, which had enough space for all seven of us. Saturday morning, I woke up to birthday song, as it was my 24th birthday. After a nice morning, we set off for Lake Louise. It was crowded with tourists, so we hurried up the mountain. There, we hiked to the top of Mount Fairview. It was a beautiful and challenging hike – totally worth it at the top! After a long day in the sunshine and good company, we returned to the apartment and took a dip in the hot tub! In the evening, we drove to Banff, where we went out for Mexican food to celebrate the birthday. All in all, it was an amazing day!

On Sunday, we drove out to Lake Minnewanka, where we rented canoes/kayaks and paddled around. It was truly magical! Later, we drove to Johnston Creek and saw waterfalls. On the way, we encountered an elk crossing the road! We took a stroll in the town of Banff along the water and ended the day with a barbecue on the apartment’s terrace. Banff is a very beautiful and highly recommended place!

And on monday, we hit the road again and returned to Simon Fraser University.






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