Hike, Hockey, Hike

Hello everyone! Long time no see. You have been missing out on some updates, so here they are! This post is an update on the last week of September, where yet another week passed, and weekdays were business as usual with school. Autumn is coming, which means there are more rainy days than sunny ones… But that also means fewer temptations for procrastination during the weekdays. Fortunately, the weekend was still sunny!

Friday was all about hiking! We where five exchange students that rented an Evo on Friday morning and headed towards Mount Brunswick. The Mount Brunswick Trail is a 13.5 km hike with an elevation gain of 1555 meters – but it is definitely worth it for the breathtaking views! And there is no mistaking it when you look at the pictures. We ate lunch on the top, and had the nicest time together.

Then came Saturday, another sunny day! We left Burnaby Campus and headed to Vancouver Downtown to enjoy the good weather. We had some beers in the sun and ate lunch, before heading to Rogers Arena to watch the Canucks play a hockey game! It was the first hockey game for all of us, so we were excited! There was beer, nachos, and lots of shouting and cheering! Fortunately, the Canucks won, so we could go out and celebrate at a bar after the game.

Sunday was all about another hike – this time, unfortunately in rainy weather. But that gave us an excuse to put on all our new gear and equipment, which we have invested in to become true outdoor types. We where four exchange students that headed north to Joffre Lakes. The hike was beautiful, but also a misty and wet experience. We agreed that we should go there again when the lakes are frozen and the snow has settled.






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