Process Post – Week 8

This week’s lecture, was about copyright. Copyright is a way to secure ones work, and to makes sure one gets insured, if someone tries to take and copy it. If someone prints a book without the publisher’s consent, it is infringement. I for sure got have learned more about what copyright actually is, such as that copyright is the right to copy; to reproduce work, and that copyright is an author’s legal right of their work. A thing I did not know, is that copyright protects the work of the author +70 years after their death, and the author’s family therefore get the economic profit and income from the dead’s work. After 70 years, it becomes a public domain and can be used by anyone. I found this really interesting, and also logical after hearing it. I guess, I have just never thought about it before.

Furthermore, we talked about which things that are not protected under copyright:

  • Ideas, methods, systems
  • Commonly know information
  • Names, titles, short phrases or expressions. For example, you cannot have the right to the name John, everyone can feel free to name their child or themselves that.
  • Fashion
  • Genres. For example a romantic comedy, the genre cannot be owned. One always know, what is going to happen. It is not possible to claim the ownership of the genre of romantic comedies.

Looking at my own blog, I do not worry much about accidentally copyrighting others, as I am writing about my own, subjective experiences, and I only use my own photos. But of course, it is important to consider copyrighting overall, and to notify it for other aspects in the future, and for different kinds of work – both in school and outside of it.






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