A Week of Scenic, Sunny Skies

Welcome to another week of my everyday life as an exchange student in Vancouver. I cannot believe that it is november, and I am writing about week 9. Where did the time go? However, not much happened in week 9, but let me still take you through the usual week that passed.

Monday, I do not have school, but I still ended up spending it on catching up on homework and preparing for the week. Tuesday, I woke up to see that the first snow laid on the op of the mountains, and I tried to capture it on a picture, that I took in downtown campus:

downtown sfu campus
The view of the mountains from the Harbour Centre SFU campus

On Wednesday, I took the bus to the SFU campus Harbour Centre in downtown again, as I have classes their as well. The weather was clear blue sky, so my friends and I decided to watch the sunset from the Burnaby campus in the evening. You can watch the most beautiful sunsets from the Burnaby Mountain, and the breathtaking view never disappoints. I could watch it every night.

Then it became Thursday, and I was lucky to wake up to yet another sunny day – lucky me! On Thursdays, I usually begin the day by going to the gym, as I do not have class until after lunch. When walking to class, I took a nice photo of the Quadrangle building at SFU. After class, I went up to my room, where I could catch some of the beautiful light from another sunset.

On Friday night, we where a couple of exchange students that went out to have fun. We went to Greta, which is a fun place in Downtown, and people had started celebrating Halloween in advance and were dressed up. Saturday, I went to a halloween party, with some friends of mine that studies at UBC. I was dressed as a Cowboy, and it was fun to experience a houseparty!

Sunday, the weather was amazing once again. I spend the day with my boyfriend in Kitsilano. It was so nice to be at the water, looking at the mountains, and the beautiful fall colors. All in all a good, quiet but nice week with good people.






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