Another Week

So, we returned from Banff and back to our everyday life at Simon Fraser University. Just as there is time for wild adventures on the weekends, there should also be time for school and assignments during the weekdays. On Tuesdays, I have my courses on the downtown campus, so I spend most of my time here in the city, which is a nice change from Burnaby Campus, where I otherwise have courses on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Projector in town house

Back at home in the townhouse, we have bought a projector, which functions as a movie theatre so we can watch movies and series together in the evenings after long school days.

Thursday evening, Simon Fraser’s volleyball team played, and the girls were awesome, winning against a team from Alaska!

On Friday, the sun was shining, so after submitting the last assignments, we headed to UBC to watch their homecoming football game. The evening ended with a frat party, which was also something to check off the bucket list.

Over the weekend, we also visited Whistler to see the town in its beautiful autumn colors before Winther and snow. There, we shopped and had lunch. We also took a walk by Green Lake and enjoyed the beautiful nature once again. Time flies, so I’m trying to savor it all – big and small!






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