What’s up Washington

This week’s update is from the first week of October, and the weekend was without a doubt one of the highlights of my exchange stay so far! On Friday around noon, we where five exchange students that set off towards the border and Washington for a weekend of hiking. We had rented a house in Mount Vernon, which was our base for the weekend. And what a nice house it was! We had plenty of space, a terrace, and a hot tub – it was quite luxurious.

On Saturday, we headed towards Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm Trail, where we were going to hike 19 km with an elevation gain of 1200 meters. It took us approximately 8 hours in total, including breaks. And wow, what an incredibly beautiful experience. The most amazing colors and very nice weather. A 10/10 hike! The pictures below speak for themselves.

On Sunday, we hiked the Chain Lakes Loop Trail, which was 10 km long with an elevation gain of 500 meters – which suited us just fine, as we were tired from the long hike the day before. The trip was beautiful and lovely once again, with sunshine and stunning autumn colors. There were icebergs with snow on top, and we were very excited about the Cascades over all. I would recommend anyone to visit Washington for hiking, and I will definitely return to the North Cascades and explore the area further! Here are some pictures from the sunday hike.






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